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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Pharmacy is Your Destiny

From personality tests in high school to career days and guidance counselors, something led us along our paths to our phuture phate as pharmacists. While there may have been many, or few, aha moments that set you on your course, I believe some people may have been predisposed without realising it.

I wish to see this Help Wanted or College ad soon...

Are you a grammar Nazi? Do you like correcting people? Do you have any amount of OCD? Do you enjoy telling people how to do things? Then we have the job for you! Become a pharmacist and we will not only put your talents to good use, we will proudly embrace who you are. Where else can you knock other professionals down a notch by constantly critiquing their work...and get paid for it?

Pharmacy is the place where you can use all your talents. You get to decipher the handwriting of prescribers. You get to translate the jumbled phrasing of e-script directions into coherent, sensible verbiage that even the drunkest person can comprehend.

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