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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Survey Monkey

What questions would you like to see on your Practice of Pharmacy, Employee Survey?
1. Does your company provide enough help for you to complete your tasks in a timely manner?
2. Does your boss help you fight the good fight or is she a corporate shill; a hollow shell of her former, behind-the-bench, RPh self? 
3. What could we, as a management company interested only in profit and not real pharmacy practice, do to improve the Profession of Pharmacy?
4. Do you believe that continuing to add tasks to your job description without adjusting your compensation is fair?
5. Do you believe the company values your (the employees') opinions on how the real world of pharmacy practice works?
6. Do you believe your employer values speed over accuracy?
7. Do you believe your employer's senior leadership is out of touch with how pharmacy is practiced at store level?
8. Are pharmacy patrons called customers or patients?


  1. I have archived an email from corporate that says "accuracy is our number one priority."

    I may need this email later. :)

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