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Thursday, April 30, 2015

License Required

There should be some sort of law, mayhap a requirement that the people who write prescriptions for medications should be trained and licensed.
I believe they should have to go to school.
I believe there should be some sort of apprenticeship or internship, or residency requirement.
I believe there should be a battery of tests they need to pass before said licensure.
I believe there should be required studies, especially focusing on the medications that will be prescribed and the laws governing how to prescribe.
I believe they need to show proficiency in all these areas before being granted a license.
I believe they should, once granted a license, be required to stay current with mandatory continuing education and board examinations.

I believe...what's that?...they DO have all those requirements? Then how can you explain this conversation with a Delightful Office Lady?

CP: Go for El Pharmacisto.
DOL: Is this the pharmacist?
CP: Ja. For sure. I am Inge from Sweden.
DOL: What?
CP: Never mind. How may I serve you, DOL?
DOL: I work at Dr. Zoffis and he is trying to prescribe something and we can't find it in our EMR.
CP: First, allow me to thank you for calling me. I cannot tell you how grateful I am when offices call to make sure they are sending electronic prescriptions correctly. It is much easier than relying on me to just fix whatever you sent. What is your question today, DOL?
DOL: "Doctor is trying to prescribe INTUNIV for a patient."
CP: Okay. That's pretty easy.
DOL: "But he wants the NON-ER version. He can only find the ER version in our system."
CP: Um. That's because Intuniv is an ER product. That is the design of THAT brand name.
DOL: "Can I just call in the non-ER?"
CP: You're serious? No you can't just make up a drug that doesn't exist just because Herr Prescriber wants it.
DOL: What should I tell him?
CP: He can prescribe Tenex which is the same drug, guanfacine, which is not extended release. It only comes in 1mg and 2mg though. Is that what he wants?
DOL: No. He says he wants Intuniv.
CP: He's a pediatrician?
DOL: Yes.
CP: Did he go to medical school?
DOL: Yes.
CP: Okay. Tell him he either needs to retire, or to drop his license in the mail and send it back to the Board then take a long vacation.

<3 hours and 11 minutes later>
CP: Surprise, surprise, surprise. Here's an e-script for Intuniv.

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