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Friday, April 10, 2015

It's Worth a Shot

On my next day off, I am going to attempt to live one day as my pharmacy patients live theirs. I am going to pick one idea and practice it wherever I go that day. Any good idea needs scientific research to substantiate it. Patients' expectations should be no different. That means this Friday will be Practice Pharmacy Patient Practices and Postulate Possible Plausibility (P-6) Day.
I am going to model my study after the conversation I had on Monday: 

Unrealistic Expectations: "I dropped 1 of my Ramipril capsules in the toilet. Can you replace it for me?" (I know, first time for everything.) 
CP: No. That's not how it works. 
UE: "Well, it was worth a shot." 
CP: Not really. In what reality do you live? 

That's when I decided, maybe I've been doing it wrong all these years. Here's my plan: 
1. Grocery Store: I dropped my gallon of milk on the floor of my kitchen, you'll replace it, right?

2. Bank: I ran out of money in my account but I get paid next week. Can you just give me a few hundred dollars until then? I come here all the time.

3. Gas Station: I'm in town on a business trip and only need a few gallons to get back home. I don't want a full tank. Can't you just give me a few at no charge?

4. Movie Theatre: <buys ticket, watches movie> That wasn't the movie I wanted to see. Can I return my ticket and see another movie? OR I didn't like that movie. I didn't realise it had Tom Cruise in it. I want to watch another movie without him in it.

5. Restaurant: I am going to ask for "the usual". I come here every week and they know me. They will reply with, "Of Course, CP! We shall bring it post haste as we knew you were coming". Once the plate is presented to me, I shall call the maitre'd over to the table and loudly complain that I am no longer eating this. I changed my usual order yesterday and though I did not in any way communicate that decision to the loyal staff who know me so well, I fully expect them to return my plate of food, send me a new dinner with the correct order, pay for their mistake, and offer me free dessert and after dinner aperitifs.

6. Lowe's: I bought a ceiling fan here from you and I always get the 4 light bulbs replaced here. They all burn out at different times. Can you make it so they all burn out at the same time? I hate having to make multiple trips down here every couple years to just get one bulb.

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  1. Lol, that really puts patients' attitudes into clear view