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Monday, April 13, 2015

Worth A(nother) Shot

7. Payroll: (People who can't understand why we cannot give them 90 days on prescriptions written for 30 days with 11 refills.) Call your HR department and ask them to change your checks for you. You are paid $20.00 an hour and you are paid once a week. Ask if they will change it so you make $80.00 an hour for one week each month so you don't have to cash as many checks. It's the same thing, right?

8. Grocery Store: I was making breakfast this morning and I dropped a few eggs on the floor. I need them to finish my poached eggs and french toast. Can you just pull 3 eggs out of a carton and leave them at customer service? I'm on my way there right now.

9. DMV: Why didn't you call to tell me my tags had expired? You sent me a letter? I don't read that crap. I don't have time. Can't you just automatically renew them for me? Don't you have one of those Courtesy Renewal programs? The car dealer I bought my car from said I'd be driving this car for the next 10 years. I guess I'll just get pulled over and ticketed and it'll all be your fault.

10. Law Enforcement: "Do you know why I pulled you over? Your license tags are expired." Why do I have to renew them every year? I'm driving the same car. Nothing's changed. I have the same license plates I've had for years. No one told me they expire. Can't you call the DMV and get them renewed for me? They issued it the last time. They have all my information. It's not my job to get my tags renewed for my car. I guess I'll just crash without them.

11. Pizza Shop: When I go in to pick up my order and they ask how many pizzas and 2-litres, just to make sure the order is correct, I will yell and scream that I don't know. Someone else in the house placed the order and I'm just picking it up. It's your job to know what pizzas I take. I will then drive home and call back and yell that they forgot my Margherita Pizza and Garlic Parmesan wings which are what I wanted.

12. Dr. Zoffis: Next time I'm in the prescriber's office checking in, I am going to complain about everything they ask…"Can you verify your DOB?" It's in your computer! I've been coming here for years. I have an appointment. Don't you know who I am? New insurance? Yeah, but I don't have the card. Can't you just look it up? Preferred pharmacy? The one where I work! It's in the system. I was just here last week!

13. Liquor Store: You don't need to see my ID. I don't care if it is the law. I don't carry my license with me because I'm afraid someone will steal my wallet and take my identity. They let me buy it without a license last week when I was in here and they never card me at the ABC stores. You should have it on file from the last time. Can't you just look it up in "The System"?

14. Anyone: Why didn't you respond to my email? I just sent it. I watched myself hit "enter" and heard the "whoosh" as it got sent. Why haven't you responded yet? I need an answer now and you said you always check your email right away. I don't care that the phone was ringing as I sent the email. What's taking you so long?

If nothing else, pharmacy patients have taught me over the years it is much easier to fight and complain and yell and scream and get rewarded for bad behaviour than it is to just comply with what is being asked.

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  1. If you think #10 couldn't happen, come ride with me for a day. A guy once told me I was "full of shit" because I stopped him for having license plates that had been expired for almost 2 years. Everybody has an excuse for everything.