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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wheel of Excuses

Is there a blog, website, twitter page, something devoted to "Top Excuses to Give Your Pharmacy"?
If not, it was my idea first...
Everyone has heard the same excuses. I know it varies across the USA, but at every store I've worked in my state, when someone has a relative who dies, it always happens in the neighboring state to the Southeast. For whatever reason, the Grandmas always live immediately out-of-state to the East. Always.
Is it the same excuses in the other states too?
Does this also happen in other countries?

It's the same with the relatives who visit. I'm not sure what makes my State the Bermuda Triangle for prescriptions but when out-of-staters visit, they prefer to leave their medications and supplies at home. Either that or they didn't bring enough to last. Because we are so awesome to visit, time flies and the supplies disappear.

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