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Thursday, January 15, 2015

What to do Now?

We cannot think for ourselves anymore. We can, but we either chose not to do so, or we have forgotten how. Technology has made us dumb and too reliant upon it. Want proof? Hand some extra change to a cashier after she has rung up your sale. The look of confusion is priceless. Ask someone for a phone number and they don't have it memorized, they have to look it up in their phone. Better yet, what happens when AT&T goes down?

These are minor things that illustrate a greater problem. What do you do when your prescriber, your hospital, your pharmacy has moved everything to electronic records…and the power goes or the system crashes? Obviously not this. (I had one office switch to all electronic records and they moved all paper records offsite immediately.) Not too smart. Here's why…

Forgetful Folks: Dr. Zoffis, how may we help you?
CP: I was calling about this patient standing in from of me.
FF: He was just here. Bless his little heart.
CP: Indeed bless it. Apparently you were trying to stop it.
FF: Que?
CP: Patient has a severe penicillin allergy.
FF: Okay.
CP: You prescribed him penicillin.
FF: Okay.
CP: Severe as in rash, hives, anaphylaxis, death a couple times. Severe.
FF: "Oh. Our EMR system was down for system maintenance so we couldn't check." (Yep. Actual quote.)
CP: I see. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Question for you.
FF: Go ahead.
CP: Could the patient talk?
FF: Yes. He's very pleasant.
CP: So it never occurred to you to actually just ASK him if he had any allergies? You never thought to tell him "we are giving you penicillin. any problems with that."?
FF: Um.
CP: So simple. I wish I could fire your whole office for stupidity. At least I have a new name to add to my list of "prescribers who are not allowed to treat me".

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