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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Moving Right Along

Prescribers often have multiple office locations. Some will switch practices from time to time. This presents a problem for us in the pharmacy world. Where do we find them?
Are you a patient of the OFFICE or of the PRESCRIBER? Good question. Here's why.

Won't Help Myself: Please call my office for refills.
CP: We faxed them.
WHM: Thanks.
CP: We heard back from the office. They say your doctor moved to another practice.
WHM: Call them.
CP: We did. They said that since you haven't established yourself as a patient there that they can't authorise any refills.
WHM: But I'm out. I need them.
CP: Okay. Who's your actual prescriber? Are you going to continue to go to the old practice where your records are and see a different prescriber or will you follow your old prescriber to his new office?
WHM: I don't know. You call them and get my refills. <click>

Why do the offices send back our faxes with notes like: "Prescriber moved. No longer here." if the patient is the OFFICE's patient? It's not my job to keep track of where every prescriber is at every moment. This makes it even more difficult when prescribers put the wrong office information on all of their e-rxs.
I have a hard enough time keeping track of my doctors' offices.

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