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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Deck of Cards

We have so many cards on our person.
We have customer loyalty cards, insurance cards, credit cards, licenses, and memberships, all tucked away in our wallets. One thing that always amazes me, and I know it should not, is that people rarely have their insurance cards with them.

What happens when...
...your new credit card arrives in the mail? You sign it and put it in your wallet.
...your new license is handed to you? You put it in your wallet.
...you receive a new FroYo Frequent Flier Card? It goes in your wallet or on your keychain.

...you receive your new insurance card? It goes in a drawer or thrown in with the mail on a desk somewhere.

Maybe insurance companies should design a keyring version of these cards.
Of course the inevitable would follow: people would hand you a 4" diameter  ring that looks like an Etsy Christmas wreath that has every medical, dental, prescription, and rewards card ever received and expect you to figure out which one is correct.


  1. These loyalty cards have become ridiculous. And when you try a new store, often the cashier will ask if you want one of their cards.If you have the nerve to say that you do not, you get the Evil Eye. After all, what sane person would refuse their precious card?

  2. I have an answer for that! Usually cashiers at small stores ( I worked at payless shoes when I was in high school) and they will fire associates if their loyalty rate is too low (at pss, anything under 95% is too low)