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Monday, August 11, 2014


Did you ever think yours was the right way to pronounce certain medication names? Ever think you were always right? Ever hear someone else pronounce a drug name and go "WTF? How did you come up with that?"
Ever think your coworkers or colleagues were absolutely crazy because they think their way sounds normal? Like yours is right but theirs is SO wrong?

I had a nurse phone in Levaquin for a patient. She pronounced it Lev-a-kwin. When I repeated the prescription back to her, I pronounced it, correctly I might add, as LEEV-a-kwin. She then corrected with her incorrect version. Sorry lady, I know my way is correct. Do not correct me.

That little line on top of the "e" is called a "Macron". It is used to indicate a long vowel sound. In this case we would pronounce it as "E" instead of "Eh".

1 comment:

  1. I never noticed the macron and if I did, I would have assumed it was just part of the design of the name, not a pronunciation guide. (Of course, I'm not in the medical profession and have never had a need to say the name to anyone.) But, still, if the manufacturer wants the medicine name pronounced that way, why not spell it LEEVAQUIN? Or LEAVAQUIN? This reminds me of that idiot SUZE Ormond, who gets irate if someone pronounces her name as sooze, when we should all know it's pronounced soozee. So why not spell it Susie? So you can get irate at anyone who pronounces it the way it's spelled?