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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Closed Circuit Cameras

Popular places are busy.
Places no one likes are slow. 
If you go to popular places, there will be other people. Constantly. 
If you did back to school shopping in the last 2 weeks, lots of people. 
If you see a highly anticipated movie on opening night, lots of people. 
If you have tickets to Wicked or Jersey Boys, lots of people. 
If you don't like crowds and people, avoid popular places and busy times. 

I previously posted about avoiding the pharmacy at peak times. 
How can patients know their pharmacy is busy when all they want to do is pick up or drop off? 
Live feeds. 

Let's install cameras in front of our pharmacies that show our drop off and pickup lines and waiting areas. We can have the feed available on the companies' apps. 
Patients can check on any store at any time and see if there is a line. "Let's not go there right now. They look busy."
"Get in the car, quick! The pharmacy has only 1 person in line! I know we live 20 minutes away, but it's not going to get any better on a Monday."

Maybe we could borrow from Disney. They are the Masters of Line Movement. We could put a little card in every 10th order as we process it and see how long it takes to get completed. This data could update on the Company App, along with real time lobby video to give a more complete picture of how long the actual wait will be. Just like at Disney, you can see that one ride, or pharmacy, has a much shorter line so you can go there instead. 

Helping you with Time Management. Because We Care about your busy schedule, not your health. 

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