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Friday, August 8, 2014

I Came Here for an Argument

Why do people argue with me? I know my job. I know the laws. I know these things better than you do and better than your prescriber does. I ask again, why argue with me?
Why can you not just take my word as Gospel and move on?
If you seek a lawyer's advice, would you argue with her if she tells you the law is quite clear on this issue? (Okay, after the following encounter, I'm pretty sure you would...)

Completely Over-Confident Knucklehead: I am here to fill my new prescription for Opium Tincture.
CP: Okay. We have it in stock. Will you continue to get this so I know if I should reorder it.
COCK: Yes. In fact my doctor put 6 refills on it.
CP: Wow. Ever a gracious host, he is. I am sorry but he simply cannot do that.
COCK: Yes he can.
CP: No. He cannot. This is a Schedule II medication and the DEA is quite clear that medications in this class, including Percocet and Adderall, are forbidden from being prescribed refills.
COCK: But he wrote them on there. He obviously wants me to have them.
CP: And he obviously doesn't know the laws. I'd be more concerned about seeing a prescriber who doesn't know how to prescribe than about winning at this conversation. You are not going to be able to get them.
COCK: Why?
CP: Refills are not allowed. If he attempts to put them on there, they are void. Not legal. You cannot get them. They are dead to me. Bereft of life. Verstehen?
COCK: So you're not going to give them to me? This is an outrage! My doctor wants me to have these! I need this medication and you're the only people that carry it. I can't keep going back to my doctor for this. He knows what I need.
CP: Then he needs to know how to write for what you need. Ask if he is willing to write you 3 prescriptions per visit. He can put a "Do Not Until..." date on each one. Try that. That is legal.
COCK: Well he told me he wasn't sure if he could put refills on it anyway but thought he'd try.
CP: You mean to tell me that your prescriber knew full well he had no clue how to prescribe this and you stood here arguing with me for the last 20 minutes trying to make your case with nothing but an assumption and your dick in your hand?
COCK: Well he said to try.
CP: Get away from me. Don't talk to me. You're dead to me. GTFO!

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