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Friday, April 4, 2014

That's Not How It Works

I do not understand all that happens in a prescriber's office. I do not profess to know it all. All I can go by is experience in dealing with many offices over my years in this profession. Prescribers understand less about pharmacists and their operations because they very rarely deal directly with us. We have to talk to a secretary who may let us speak with a nurse or assistant. Rarely the prescriber herself. Anyone who calls the pharmacy wishing to speak to the pharmacist need only ask.

It is situations like this that piss me off. Fortunately, the little girl's mother had a good sense of humour about it.

Girl's Mom: My daughter's pediatrician was sending over a prescription for her.
CP: I don't see it here. Wait. It's at the other store.
GM: Yeah, she said she was just going to send it there and I'm supposed to call you and you're supposed to call them and transfer it.
CP: You realise how insanely stupid that sounds, right?
GM: Yep. I'm confused too.
CP: So the shortest distance between two points is me doing all the work?
GM: Apparently. Sorry she's so stubborn.
CP: Not your fault. It is almost 5pm so she must be on her way home. At least you can always switch prescribers. I love the ones that can't put forth the effort to do their jobs correctly. It would make me question everything else about their attitude towards my healthcare as a patient as well. Too bad we were next on the alphabetical pull-down menu on her magical prescribing device. I wonder if she operates the rest of her life like this in the real world. That would be like driving up to the McDonald's drive-thru speaker near her house and placing your order for you then telling you to just drive by the one near your house to pick it up. Does not work that way.
GM: I know. Will it take very long.
CP: Nope. Already transferred it. Unlike some other professionals, I take care of my patients. Too bad that by doing this I only reinforced to your prescriber that I will do this. Damn.

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