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Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Little Knowledge

"No I didn't pass the bar, but I know a little bit."
A little knowledge can be a bad thing. It is usually just enough to be dangerous in many hands. This is especially true in the pharmacy/healthcare world.

Resourceful Lady: I need these filled but I have a question.
CP: Go for it.
RL: Why did my doctor give me these?
CP: Huh? Did you make an appointment?
RL: Yes.
CP: For a specific reason?
RL: Yes. But I want to know why he gave me 2 of the same thing. I looked it up on the internet and they both do the same thing. Is it so I can pick one?
CP: <dutifully examines both Rx's with a trained eye> Okay. You need both.
RL: How can you tell?
CP: First, the Penlac is a nail lacquer. It's for your nails. The directions actually tell you to apply this to your nails.
RL: Okay. But why the second one?
CP: Uncertain of your diagnosis, I am. However, much from this paper I can glean. It is a topical antifungal. The directions tell you to apply to legs and feet.
RL: So I need both?
CP: Only if you wish to rid yourself of the problem that took you to your prescriber in the first place.

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