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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Guns in the Pharmacy

Whenever there is an armed robbery of a pharmacy, the question arises as to whether or not pharmacists should be allowed to carry weapons at work. I received the following from Amber:

"How do you feel about pharmacists being armed. I am a concealed weapons permit holder and feel we should all be allowed to carry at work if we do not have security available. What are your thoughts?"

I agree. I've been robbed at gunpoint in my pharmacy. I always think about that before I discuss this topic. I know too many other situations that did not turn out as well as mine.

Most corporations have anti-carry laws in place. They do not want us to be armed. Fine. Then close the pharmacy. We are too open and accessible. We have security alarms and locks on our doors...yet we have 20 linear feet of open counter for someone to jump across to access what they want.

Why do people rob pharmacies? It's where the drugs are.

My problem with the corporate policies is this: They do not care for our safety. If we die during an armed robbery, we will quickly be replaced. However, when it comes to our families, we cannot be replaced.

My safety is paramount to the safety of my inventory. My staff's safety is equally important to me. How many fatal robberies will it take for companies to take proactive steps towards employee safety? I don't care for removing pharmacists from the pharmacy and putting them at little desks in the middle of the store for this same reason.

I ask: If you have your permit, should you be allowed to carry while at work to ensure your safety and that of your employees?



  1. I took up this subject in my old blog. Given the massive problem of prescription drug addiction (and I don't believe most people have any idea how massive), and what I know some people are willing to do to get them, it's beyond me that most pharmacies are still wide open to the public. At Great Big Pharmacy, where I get my smegmastatin every month, the pharmacist, her techs, and tons of drugs are just a counter-hop away. IMHO, that place should be locked up like Fort Knox, and people can do their business at a bullet-proof window. I can't picture any of those gentle ladies packing a gun, so why not provide them with the protection they deserve before the inevitable and unthinkable happens? Oh, I guess cuz it costs too much.

  2. I had my own store for 20 yrs.. I had a conceal permit.. I did not hide the fact that I may be packin'.. I was never robbed in 20 yrs.. Like everything else.. the crooks took the path of least resistance


  4. If you comply with the robber, it is likely he can carry only so much. Most only have in stock a minimum supply. As a ex armed guard, even a armored car guard is not allowed to fire 1st. A individual must be aiming their weapon at you with the intention of imminant deadly force. Split second reasoning and the fear of death or injury must be the criteria to use deadly force. No WARNING SHOTS.