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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


As a child, medicine always tasted like medicine. You knew what you were taking. Except for the pink antibiotic. That stuff was great. You wanted to be sick so you could take the pink stuff mom kept for you in the fridge.
Today medicine still tastes like medicine. There are a lot more options available now. The good pink stuff I remember? Too many generics out there just don't compare. (Don't even mention Cleocin Suspension. It's so bad I make the interns mix that one.) There are many companies promising their antibiotic is flavoured cherry, or berry, or fruit-tastic. Apparently their taste-testers were born bereft of the senses of both smell and taste. Perhaps they have never tasted a real strawberry or cloudberry.

Monday, a 9-yo girl received a prescription for Tamiflu. After mixing it and promising her it tastes like "tutti-frutti" and she'd feel better after taking it, I got a call from mom.

Mom: My daughter says "this tastes one step above vomit".

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