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Friday, January 17, 2014

It's Not Me, It's You

You can blame the pharmacy all you want. If you have the same problem every time you visit, then perhaps it is you who should shoulder the blame. Maybe I should yell at you for wasting my time. But first, the details.
A prescription was sent to us. We filled it. We billed it to insurance. There was a $30 copay for Nasonex. All was right with the world as the angels sang from on high. They do that with every prescription we fill. It's what keeps us smiling and carefree all day.

Lady Medusa reared her serpentine head a few days later to pick up the billed and filled prescription. After waiting in our pickup line, quite lengthy at peak pickup of 5pm, she arrived to the front whereupon she proceeded to present us with a home-printed coupon for Nasonex.
This is where the angels ducked for cover.

LM: I have this coupon that says it will take off $10 each time.
CP: We had an old one on file that expired. I will need to enter this one so give me a few minutes to rebill it.
LM: It was supposed to be done days ago. I waited in line 20 minutes for you and it's still not ready?
CP: It is ready. It was ready days ago. You asked me to bill it to this coupon to save you some cash. It takes time.
LM: I used one before. This happens every time.
CP: When did you activate this?
LM: I didn't. I give you a new one each time.
CP: Right. There's the problem. We filled it days ago. Now I have to change the fill date to today since you printed the coupon today.
LM: What? It was supposed to ready already! I've been waiting over 30 minutes and it's still not done?!
CP: It is done. You are free to take it for the $30 copay your insurance is charging. You just walked up and handed me a coupon which I now have to rebill for a different date than the one we originally filled. You are causing yourself to wait 30 minutes. Had you called in your refill and given me the coupon code on the same day, none of this would have happened.
LM: I have this problem every month.
CP: Then perhaps it would behoove you to learn from today's encounter. First, as requested, your prescription was filled and completely ready for you to pay his $30 adoption fee and make him your nose's bitch as of Monday. But you changed the rules. You asked me to add a coupon you printed off your computer mere seconds before driving here to abuse me. You can't change the rules in the middle of the game. It's like eBay. You can use the "Buy It Now" option and get it for $30 or you can wait until bidding, in this case rebilling, is complete and hope you win a lower copay.

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