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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Closing Time-Part 1

Businesses post opening times and closing times.
Businesses open and close at their posted times.
Workers begin and end work at these respective times.
If the lights are off and the gates are locked it is quite likely you are at the business outside of its hours of operation.
What do you do?
Bang on the door?
Scream and yell and flail about on the floor?

If a business is closed and no one is there to hear, do people whine and complain?

If a business closes at 9pm and you wander past at 3am, do you have the right to call corporate and complain that no one was there to help you?
Same scenario, but you walk past at 9:45pm...do you have the right to complain?
What if the pharmacist and uber-tech stayed late prepping for inventory the next morning and are walking out the door at 9:20pm? Do you get to complain about them simply because they were in the pharmacy but not helping you?
No. Simply because there is a person in the pharmacy does not mean you can berate them for not being open. This also holds true for the early-arriving staff. Had I not been in my pharmacy at 7:30am when you walked past, what would you have done? I could have accepted your prescription, but what would you have done had I not been there early for inventory? You would have survived.

Saturday, 6:15pm (Rx closed at 6:00). Pharmacist and uber-tech exchanging parting pleasantries with one foot out the door. Gates down and all lights off.
Late Lady: Are you closed?
CP: Oui, Madam.
LL: I just left the hospital. A lot of good that does me then.
CP: Oui.
LL: This is an outrage.
CP: Oui. As I know you had to pass 4 other pharmacies on your way from the hospital to us, it is a bit outrageous. You could try our other store across town.
LL: No. I'm just going to "Big Competitor". They're all open 24 hours.
CP: Good luck with that. They closed at 6 as well.

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