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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Closing Time-Part 2

Gates are down. Lights out.
Pharmacist makes the slow, determined walk wending his way around the warren of aisles in pursuit of escape: the front doors. Doors part and the pharmacist eases a toe across the threshold. Fresh Air!
Enter "the regular customer".
TRC: Hey, CP!
CP: <just keep walking, just keep walking> Howdy.
TRC: You leaving?
CP: As I presently have one leg into the parking lot and am leaning forward to bring the rest of my body along for the ride, I would say yes, that is a keen observation.
TRC: Is the pharmacy closed, then?
CP: As it cannot operate without my presence inside of it, yes, that is another astute conclusion.
TRC: So I can't get my prescription?
CP: Not tonight. We do however open at 9 am tomorrow.
TRC: <actual quote> "But I work tomorrow!"
CP: <Deadpan look in the eye> So do I...Tomorrow...At 9am...Here...
<saunters off into the blinding horizon as exit music plays from afar>
(I'm thinking Walk by Pantera would be appropriate for this scene.)

1 comment:

  1. I purposely walk down the lesser used aisles on my way to the front to drop off the cash drawer... it's saved me a few times.