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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Conflict of Messaging

CP: What are among the first things you do whenever you change your name, change your address, or change any personal information? 
CPP: I let everyone know. Family, businesses, banks, etc. 
CP: Right. Good. Makes sense. 
CPP: Are you moving? 
CP: No. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't me. 
CPP: What wasn't you? 
CP: There once was a lady with prescriptions
In desperate need of decryption
We called with no luck
She said what the phuck
And thus ended her conniption. 
CPP: Cute. You just made that up for this post? 
CP: #LamePharmacyJokes phor the win!
CPP: What's the point of telling people you've changed your bio?
CP: Seriously. This lady with prescriptions. We had a note in her profile from two years ago. "Patient transferred out to Long Dick's Drugs. ANY prescriptions sent to us will have occurred in error and should never be filled, but forwarded to LDD." 
CPP: Okay. Phairly straightforward. 
CP: Until we received prescriptions which needed decrypted. We called the doctor. He said she uses the other pharmacy so we filed them. 
CPP: Again. So phar so good. 
CP: Until the patient calls the next day asking why we didn't fill her prescriptions. 
CPP: And you explained the note. 
CP: At which time I explained the note. She said she decided to come back to us for convenience and we are again, her new pharmacy. 
CPP: But not before she got mad at you for not filling prescriptions she told you not to fill? 
CP: I'm pretty sure if I were to start doing business with a company, I'd tell them before I start having things sent to them on my behalf.
CPP: Like that scene in Notting Hill where Honey tells the friends she met someone, looks at Spike and mouths "it's you"?
CP: Exactly. You can't get mad at me for doing what you asked me to do even though you now changed your mind and didn't tell me to no longer do that thing and to do something else without telling me to now do the something else instead. 
CPP: Not a lady. Definitely a woman. 

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