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Thursday, April 29, 2021


UT: CP's Pill Palace. How may I help you?
Lady Unusually Calling And Being Rather A Sullen Ignoramus: I need to authorise an early refill on a control we wrote. 
UT: Hold phor CP, please. 
CP: CP here. How may I help you?
LUCA BRASI: Can you take a verbal order to change a fill date on a prescription we wrote?
CP: It depends. Did you send it to us electronically? If so, I CAN take a verbal okay if it's urgent or the provider is unable to correct the problem today. It is only 1:33pm so it's really not an emergency. 
LUCA BRASI: No. We did not send it electronically. 
CP: Did the patient bring it to us? I can pull the hard copy and document the change in fill date. 
CP: Okay. Then where is the prescription?
LUCA BRASI: We have it here in the office. 
CP: Say what? 
LUCA BRASI: The patient had a televisit a few weeks ago and came in today to retrieve the prescriptions for the next 3 months and we noticed the one for today was dated incorrectly; it was dated for next month. 
CP: Wait. You are physically touching the hard copy right now?
CP: And you want ME to agree to change the first allowable fill date and document our conversation with a date and time stamp and handwritten note of said conversation? When the patient swings by later?
CP: So you don't have to do it yourself?
LUCA BRASI: Essentially. 
CP: Have the provider cross out the date, write the new date, then initial it. Or print a new one with the corrected date. 
LUCA BRASI: The provider already left and I didn't want to have to print a new one. 
CP: Is it just me or does this approach not sound a lot more labor intensive than either reprinting or initialing a change in the office?
LUCA BRASI: So can you fix it?
CP: No. First, I am not in possession of the actual hard copy currently. Second, you are the office that wrote it and you are literally holding that which needs fixed. I understand the patient is there wishing to pick up the prescription two weeks after the appointment but I am not going to bail you out for this mistake. 
LUCA BRASI: So you're not going to help?
CP: It's rather ballsy for you to assume I would, or could. But you have the prescription! Reprint it!
LUCA BRASI: <whispers to patient "they won't do it">
CP: Wrong. I CAN'T do it when I don't have the prescription. You know you messed up so do not blame me for your mistake. Nice try. I bet I can give the patient a better, more convincing explanation of the law than you can muster. You're a pain clinic. You should know better. That's just plain lazy. In phact, phor being so lazy, I sentence you to sleep with the phishes.  
LUCA BRASI: Well I guess I can see what we can do. 
CP: You got two choices of what you can do. Sign a new prescription and reprint it too.

#Laws? #WeDontNeedNoStinkingLaws

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