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Monday, August 17, 2020

Clearly Canceled

CP: CP's Playhouse. How may I help you?  
Miserable And Demanding Doctor Of Grumbling 2020: I am calling about my patient's Rx which she claims is not there but I clearly sent last night. 
CP: I was here last night and have no recall of her prescription. 
MADDOG2020: I sent it at 7:29 last night. 
CP: Well that is of no help. Perhaps, if you use eClinicalWorks as your software provider. . . 
MADDOG2020:I just sent it again. 
CP: Ok. Let me check. . . 
MADDOG2020: <clearly grandstanding and frustrated> You should have it now.
CP: I do see it. Let me look at it. . . Aha!
MADDOG2020: It's the same thing I sent last night. I don't know why you told her. . . 
CP: I DO remember this one! I even had both my techs look at it before I canceled and deleted it. 
MADDOG2020:Why would you do that!?
CP: Read the directions. 
CP: Out loud. So those in the back can hear.
MADDOG2020:  "oral caps cancel this fill tid"
CP: Yep. It clearly said to cancel it, so I did. 
MADDOG2020: Oh, I just resent what my NP sent the last time. 
CP: Good strategy, Silly Boy. And I'm guessing we followed those directions and canceled her previous refills the last time, when this note was relevant. 
MADDOG2020:Well that's not what I wanted. 
CP: Yeah, that's why we encourage you to review what you send before you hit 'send'. It's also why I don't allow verbal corrections on e-scripts from anyone in your, or any prescribers' offices. If it's not fixed on your end, it will continually be automatically renewed the wrong way and may, eventually, be filled that way which could harm a patient. 
MADDOG2020: Looks like I'll have to retrain her. 
CP: May want to be "starting with the man in the mirror". 
MADDOG2020: <humbled> I'll talk to her next week. 
CP: "I'm asking him to change his ways."
MADDOG2020: Good-bye. 
CP: "Yeah, make that change!"

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