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Monday, August 24, 2020

You Cannot Help Those Who Will Not Help Themselves

I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you. 

CP: CP's Pill Pauper Paradise. How may I help you? 
There Was A Time This Was A Thing: Can you give me a price? 
CP: $42.00
CP: You asked if I could give you a price. I did. $42.00 is "A" price. 
TWATTWAT: No. For my medication. 
CP: It could be $42.00. 
TWATTWAT: And it could not. 
CP: But it could be. Do you have insurance?
CP: Do you have the card? 
TWATTWAT: I used to use you guys. 
CP: And I used to sell drugs. I still do, but I used to too. 
TWATTWAT: I should be in your system. 
CP: Yes. I see a profile from 4 years ago. Has your insurance changed? 
CP: Ok. I'll ask again. Do you have the new information? A card perhaps? 
CP: Then I cannot give you a price. 
TWATTWAT: Why not? 
CP: I need the insurance to know whom to bill or at least to whom I should submit an online inquiry for a price. Since you will not, or cannot, provide this information, I cannot provide a price. I'm going to throw this out there as I'm sure you've already considered it, but you could call your insurance. 
TWATTWAT: This is ridiculous! I just need a price. I'm staying at my current pharmacy. 
CP: Probably best for all of us. And I still say it's $42. 

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