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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

New Game

CP: I decided to turn my favourite post series, If The Real World Worked The Way Pharmacy Does, into a game called How To Play Patient In The Real World.
CPP: Each round of the game will present a challenge originated by a patient's actions/interactions within our pharmacy.

CP: Today's round will be pricing.
CPP: <enthusiastic announcer voice> We had a patient come through the drive thru last week. It began as a normal transaction until we told her the price.
CP: <more saccharin enthusiastic announcer voice> What happened next, CPP?
CPP: Well I'll tell you CP. She looked at the bag in the window, pointed at it, and yelled "WHY?! Why so much?".
CP: <nauseatingly overjoyed> Why indeed! Let's show these contestants how the game will be played.
CPP: Right on!
CP: Your job will be to roam the hallowed halls of any retail business.
CPP: Any business?
CP: ANY business will do.
CPP: What do I do while roaming these aisles, CP?
CP: As you roam, find an employee. Any employee will do for this but if you can also find one locked in a specialised cage (pharmer, baker, butcher, food sample lady) bonus points will be awarded.
CPP: Everyone loves bonus points.
CP: Approach them with either a product in hand, or randomly point to a product on the shelf and ask "WHY? Why so much?".
CPP: Can I try this at my local restaurant as well?
CP: You certainly can.
CPP: Simply point to an item on the menu and shout "WHY?! WHY SO MUCH?!"
CP: The louder and shriller the better. Decorum be damned!
CPP: Keep in mind here, the goal is not to question the price for your understanding.
CP: No. The goal of this game is to catch the employee off guard. They don't know why decorative votive candles are priced at $13.00 for 30; or that a Dyson hairdryer is $399.99.
CPP: And they don't know why mashed potatoes are a $12.00 a la carte fee when you can buy a 5 lb bag for $5.00. Just as we don't know why their insurance is charging them the amount on the label.
CP: We want to understand our patients. Going out into the Real World and acting like they do will allow us to connect with them and shop in their shoes.
CPP: So head to the stores and get shopping.
CP: We want to hear your best "WHY? Why sooooo muuuuuuuuuch!?" stories.
CPP: Points awarded for the best responses.
CP: Join us next week when our next round will be supply issues.
CPP: Stay tuned and play patient!

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