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Friday, July 12, 2019

Time To Check The Emails

CP: I finally checked the email today.
ME: Good for you. Anything exciting?
CP: I received quite a lot from my boss.
MICE ELF: Me too!
CP: Did you notice that lots of the information was just forwarded emails?
ME: Spammer!
CP: There were also a few specific to our store.
MICE ELF: Loser. You're on the naughty lists again.
CP: The phunny thing is, they were "why didn't you do this?" and "don't forget about that".
ME: Did you get an email that reminded you to check your email?
MICE ELF: Why are you telling us this? Wait, what did you do?
CP: I asked her when she has the time to do all this work - forwarding emails, digging into each store's numbers then sending store-specific emails for all 31 of her stores, etc.
ME: What said she?
CP: She said she has an office day.
MICE ELF: To which you replied?
CP: When do I get one of those?
ME: And I bet she was surprised or slightly stunned.
MICE ELF: I'm surprised we are still employed.
CP: She likes me for my pharmacy proficiency and acumen.
ME: Uh-huh.
CP: I explained that if she didn't understand my concern then she needed to come to my store and complete all of that work. . . while doing my job and tuning out the deluge of noise from patients and phones.
ME: What is your concern, for those in the back?
CP: I have a job to do. Emails and other BS are the lowest on the priority list. If I forget to reply to the email, there will most definitely be another one. If I forget to check the directions/DUR/etc on a prescription the results could be catastrophic for the patient and for me. I am a pharmacist phirst; the rest is just background noise. If I forget to send in flu shot totals? Someone will call me. If I forget to submit my MTM totals for the week? Someone will call after emailing a few more times. Forgot to respond to a complaint within 24 hours? Someone will call me. Not that the calls are better, but I have better things to do, like not killing patients in the fast food chain that is pharmacy. Pharmacy is full of redundancies.
MICE ELF: So you are good at prioritizing?
CP: Yes. Too many times we focus on the wrong work at the wrong time, just so we can say we are doing work.
MICE ELF: Imagine what you could do if you had no distractions, a phresh cup of coffee, and could sit to read and forward emails for a whole day!
CP: Imagine.
ME: Did you get a reprieve on replying to all of her emails?
CP: No. I'm now in charge of calling other stores and reminding them to check their emails.
MICE ELF: Let me guess, you also have to contribute something to the monthly conference calls.
CP: Yep. She sends me emails to remind me.

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