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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

It Happened at the Drive-Thru

CP: Are you picking up a prescription today?
Bastard In The Car Has Everything Rebilled: Yes. I have 3 prescriptions to pick up.
CP: Phine and dandy.
BITCHER: How much?
CP: A lot. It appears we don't have current insurance on file for you. Has it recently changed?
BITCHER: It has. Why didn't someone call me?
CP: We don't have a current number and you drove off after sending the Rx's through my tube before we could get your information so there's that.
BITCHER: So you're saying it's my fault?!
CP: Pretty much. Do you have your card?
BITCHER: Here! <frisbees card into drive thru>
CP: Okay. Come back in about 10 minutes and I will have these all fixed for you.
BITCHER: I'm just going to sit here.
CP: You can't block my business entrance.
BITCHER: It should have been done and I'm not moving.
CP: Ok. Let's have a race, shall we? I am calling the police right now. My working time for your rebill is about 10 minutes; the police arrival? not sure. We will see when they get here who wins. To be honest, I'm not really in a hurry to rush and, uh-oh, I think I need to pee. I always have to do rebills on an empty bladder. Care to place a wager?
BITCHER: <rolls up window, lights cigarette>

<42 minutes later>

Officer On Patrol Stop: Just wanted to stop by and give you an update.
CP: Oh yeah? I noticed he left about 5 minutes after I called you.
OOPS: Yeah. He drove off as I was turning into the parking lot.
CP: Guess he didn't like his odds after all.
OOPS: It gets better.
CP: Oooh. Really? Do tell.
OOPS: I followed him to the plaza across the street, ran his plates when he went inside. Turns out he had a couple outstanding warrants so as soon as he pulled out, I arrested him.
CP: What a great day!

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