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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

These Are Our Terms

I was inspired by this conversation related to me recently: 

"‘I’m sick of making extra trips up here. You all are never open past 6 on the weekend and at Rite Aid someone would sell me my prescriptions even after the pharmacy is closed.’
‘No sir our hours have us closing at 6 both days so I apologize for that inconvenience.’
‘Rite Aid had much better customer service than Walgreens.’
‘Thanks for choosing Walgreens and have a great rest of your day.’
#readthepostedhours #takeyourscriptssomewhereelse #sosickofapologizingforthingsoutofourcontrol"

Fine. He's frustrated with the Rite Aid to Walgreens switch. I get it.
And there are plenty of people forced to use a pharmacy, not necessarily the one of their choice.

However, if you do choose to do business with a new pharmacy, do not blame the workers. Learn to live within the confines they have established.

What really bothers me about people in general is their attitude that we should change our business to accommodate them. If you choose to do business with a company, you have to live within their established operation.
If you leave my pharmacy which is open from 8-10 M-F and 9-6 Sat and Sun, for a pharmacy which is open 8-6 M-F and CLOSED weekends, you cannot complain to the new pharmacy that "my last pharmacy had more convenient hours and you need to change yours to accommodate my needs". You chose to leave convenience for price or quality or whatever reason that felt more important to you.

I recently spoke with a man whose daughter switched schools. The new school required they purchase a specific calculator. He proceeded to send messages to the school complaining there were cheaper versions available; that this expensive calculator ($90.00) was unnecessary for her school (she'd likely use it for the rest of her academic career, including through college); and he shouldn't be forced to purchase it. As I tried to explain to him, YOU chose the school. YOU chose to leave her old school. YOU have to live within the parameters they offer.
You don't get to complain.
Either accept the terms and move on or, simply move. On. . .

The same goes with choosing your pharmacy.
I'm sorry we no longer live in a time when pharmacies (and all retailers, for that matter) were closed on Sundays and Holidays. You had one option if your forgot your prescription refill or the gravy on Thanksgiving - Suck it up, Buttercup.

The best part of living in America right now? The freedom of choice. You can choose to switch pharmacies. 
(But the other one is too far away.) That is still a choice.
(But the other one doesn't take my insurance.) Heard of Mail Order? Maybe change medications and use discount cards?
You can "But But But" all day long, but it doesn't change the fact that you have a choice.
Just don't complain to me about your choice. I didn't make it and I don't care. I have people to help who did choose me and love what I have to offer.
("If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.")

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