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Thursday, November 8, 2018

A Shot In The Arm

ME: CP, what are your thoughts on this article?
CP: I read the article with interest. Who wouldn't want kids to get vaccines?
Myself: Goats need shots too!
CP: Kids, as in Children. Tiny Humans.
Myself: Of course.
ME: I sense something amiss or you wouldn't be talking to us.
CP: Well, the Senator had me agreeing with him until his brain farted this quote through his mouth: “You’re literally in and out of there in 15 minutes, as opposed to making an appointment with your doctor, waiting an hour, going through all the procedure, and ultimately it’s less expensive," Diegnan said."
Myself: Apparently he didn't speak with any pharmacists about this proposed bill.
CP: It's politics. He came up with a good idea, but ran with it and opened his mouth before researching it.
ME: Did he make sure ALL insurances will cover vaccines for children as young as 3yo at a pharmacy? Did he include language that mandated extra tech help (since many pharmacies have cut tech AND intern hours) during vaccine season? Did he allow pharmacists to receive reimbursement for the extra work through direct billing? (We have had an NPI since we started administering vaccines. Wouldn't it be nice if we could bill the insurance for the administration fee since WE are the ones administering?)
CP: Right. It's great that you're improving access to healthcare. It's tremendous and laudable and you should definitely pat yourself on the back. HOWEVER, do not guarantee how I will do my job, Senator. I'll make you a deal, Senator. Come to my pharmacy. Work with me for a couple hours. I'll show you everything I have to do in a day and you can play tech for me. When you understand my job, then you can tell people how it works. Until you pay me a visit and ask what I want or need, do not open your mouth and speak for me. It's people like you (politicians and prescribers) who speak before thinking and make our jobs more difficult.
ME: Well stated. I'd like to add that, not only should he make sure ALL insurances allow billing of vaccines for children, but that it's easy to bill medical and prescription insurance through any pharmacy. How about mandating that ALL insurances pay for preventive care for ALL patients, regardless of age? I especially like the part where the pharmacists should get paid the administration fee. If we receive prescribing rights, he should ensure that we as pharmacists get the credit for writing the prescriptions as well. I mean, it's only fair since pharmacies are paying some prescriber to use her name as a protocol doctor in many states. Pay me instead, right?
CP: Definitely.
Myself: But what about the poor goats?!


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