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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Who? Me?

In #Pharmacy, it would be helpful if everyone would remember the phollowing mantra: "It's not me. It's you."
We didn't receive the e-script you sent? It's not me. It's you.
You are out of refills and I faxed your prescriber but he didn't respond yet and now you want to know what to do? It's not me, it's you.
Or, as phar as the blame game goes, let's try this one:

CP: Welcome to CP's 10 minute oil change. How may I help you?
Dad Overreacting Here: Oil? Change?
CP: I'm trying out new names. It's better than 10-minute Stick and Prick which is ultimately what we've become during October as it's Phlu Shot Season.
DOH: Got it. How long will it take to fill my child's prescription?
CP: Barring any unforeseen issues with your insurance or a Tusken Raider party marching through, I'd say about 15 minutes right now.
DOH: Ok. I'll wait.

<walks out to waiting area where DOH is checking his BP>
CP: Did you pass?
DOH: I have blood pressure.
CP: Good. Unfortunately, your insurance requires a prior authorisation on this medication.
DOH: What's that mean?
CP: The insurance won't pay for it. While I realise your son has taken this before, he switched medications from last month so the insurance needs the doctor to call before they will approve it.
DOH: "You mean my kid's gotta go without it?"
CP: No. I said your "insurance won't pay for it". See, I even quoted myself from the last line. However, you are welcome to pay for it yourself.
DOH: How much is it?
CP: Just shy of $200.00.
DOH: "What?! I'm not paying for it."
CP: Oh. So you mean your kid's gotta go without it? (See what I did there?)
DOH: Er. . .
CP: Wow. You were all too happy to blame me for keeping your child unmedicated. Now I get to blame you. Phunny how things work when you don't listen and just react. You have plenty of options to ensure your "kid doesn't gotta go without it" but "Insurance paying for it today" is the only one off the table.
DOH: I guess he can't go trick-or-treating tonight since all the candy will make him hyper.
CP: That's a fallacy. Besides, you could just, you know, restrict what he's allowed to eat.
DOH: Thanks for ruining his #Halloween.
CP: You're welcome. May I verify your address before you storm out, pouting like you proclaim your son will?
DOH: Why?
CP: I need to tell them where to send the "Dad Of The Year" Award.

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