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Thursday, October 26, 2017

On Time Is Early and Late Is On Time

In some countries it is considered rude to arrive early to a dinner invite. 
It is also considered rude to bring wine. Glad the wine thing's not customary round these parts. 

If I tell you a time, I expect you to be there at that time. While arriving a few minutes early for a job interview or date is acceptable, two hours is a little overeager. 

CP: How may I help you today and frustrate myself tomorrow? 
Lady In Waiting: I need to have this prescription refilled. 
CP: I see. Unfortunately we are currently out of this product. It is a special order item. We used it all today. There was a run on it. It's been on backorder. I don't carry it because their labels clash with my pharmacy decorations. Pick one. 
LIW: This happens every month. 
CP: Perhaps you should listen to me and plan ahead. Maybe call in a day or three ahead as I've asked, begged, implored? 
LIW: Phine. When should I arrive tomorrow? 
CP: You should arrive at 3pm. And the hour of the arrival shall be 3pm. No earlier. Thou shalt not arrive at 2pm unless thou shalt sit in thy car until 3pm. 1pm is right out. 
LIW: Until tomorrow then. 
CP: Until tomorrow. . .

<Tomorrow. Noon.>

CP: So much for me believing we had cleared up your pickup time. 
LIW: You did not expressly rule out anything before 1pm. 
CP: Make yourself comfortable. You've got 3 hours to kill. 
LIW: Why can't I get it now? 
CP: Because it's not ready now. When you head to your phamily's house for Thanksgiving dinner, do you eat before or after the turkey is done cooking? Do you just tell everyone "well, I'm here so it's time to eat" even though the bird has 3 more hours to go? You can arrive at the airport (an hour or two is always good practise), the theatre for a play, a concert, a movie, etc as early as you want, maybe even 3 hours like you are today. However, that does not mean your flight will leave or the show will start simply due to your presence. "Oh, I didn't know LIW had arrived. Let's get this party started. Flight schedules and movie times be damned!"
LIW: How much longer? 
CP: How long did that harangue take? 
LIW: You have a weird way of explaining things. 
CP: It's logical, methodical, and shows how people apply rules differently based on the situation in which they are present. I prefer to apply them similarly or at least as dictated by decorum. 
LIW: Is it ready now? 
CP: Is it 3pm now? 
LIW: No. 
CP: Thanks for answering your own question. 
LIW: I'll be back at 3. 
CP: Pleasure doing business with you. 
LIW: The pleasure was all yours. 
CP: It always is.

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