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Friday, November 4, 2016

Your Logic Astounds Me

Or ... Really?

Wednesday, the day. 10am, the time.
Bitchy Lady Assuming My Eager Deference: I was calling with a question?
CP: Okay. Then what happened?
CP: You WERE calling, then what happened?
BLAMED: Um...I have a question?
CP: Sure. Go for it.
BLAMED: My doctor assured me that you would fill my prescription on Friday.
CP: Really? That's rather presumptive of him. I can't recall the last time your doctor called me to discuss any of our mutual patients.
BLAMED: He told me you'd fill it and I just wanted to make sure it would be okay.
CP: Well, according to my records, you will be too soon on Friday so I will not be able to fill it.
BLAMED: But he told me...
CP: Yes. Yes he did. As you've made abundantly clear. However, the important part is that he did not tell me. You know, the pharmacist charged with filling it.
BLAMED: I have a trip planned and I leave Friday.
CP: Well, seeing as how today is Wednesday, you have plenty of time to take the necessary steps. Simply ring your prescriber, have him call me and once we have discussed your prescription, I should be able to fill it.
BLAMED: Now I can't go on my trip! It's all your phault. I won't get to visit my new grand baby and ...
CP: Hello? I made this really simple for you. It's 10am on Wednesday. Call your doctor and have him call me. You have 3 days.
BLAMED: You personally ruined my trip. I'm going to transfer my prescriptions out and never come back.
CP: Sounds pretty extreme and I'll miss conversations like this one but be bold and do not cower in the face of your convictions. In the meantime, I would suggest calling your doctor so he can approve your early refill with the pharmacy you choose to have fill your prescription.
BLAMED: He's Pain Management. I can't find him. He's in a different office every day.
CP: And you have 3 days. Call all the offices. Leave messages. Hell, drive to each location, knock on the door, and ask if the doctor is in.
BLAMED: I can't believe you're going to make me miss my trip.
CP: You realise I'm only stalling because I want to see how long you choose to keep arguing with me.  I should have hung up a long time ago but I feel as I'm really making progress, slowly chipping away at the thick layers of your skull. For the last time: Call your doctor. Tell him to call me. You have 3 DAYS.

<fast forward a whopping 22 minutes>
Pretty Honest Office Nurse Ejaculating: So...BLAMED tells me you're refusing to fill her prescription.
CP: Is that what she said?
PHONE: Yep. Pretty sure that's not the whole story.
CP: Yep. It's too soon and she told me the doctor "assured her the pharmacist would fill it" early.
PHONE: Phunny. I told her we'd probably have to talk to the pharmacist.
CP: I just wanted to make sure we were both on the same page.
PHONE: The patient brought in plane tickets and her reservation. Otherwise, the doctor would have absolutely said no. We will make the adjustment on the dates for next month accordingly.
CP: Perfect! Too bad she skipped telling me all that. Next time, just have Dr. Zoffis write a note explaining why he approved the early fill (checked itinerary) and I will fill it. Of course, it would have helped if she had brought me the prescription first, as I requested.
PHONE: At least you didn't ruin her trip.
CP: No. Just her morning. But she made mine. At this rate, I'll be held responsible for the outcome of the election.


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