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Friday, November 11, 2016

I Have A Syncing Feeling

Did you ever have the feeling some people prefer to argue or complain simply for the satisfaction they get from being miserable? They're not looking for a resolution, rather they seek to make others share their misery.

CP: Welcome, to Jurassic Park.
Frequently Unsatisfied Customer: Jurassic Park?
CP: Trying out new names for the pharmacy. We're not getting any younger.
FUC: You're weird.
CP: So I've been told. How may I help you today?
FUC: I have a few prescriptions to pick up.
CP: Just for you?
FUC: Yes.
CP: Today I have three of them ready.
FUC: "Yeah. I take a few other ones. I really wish there was some way I could get them all on the same trip. I really hate having to make multiple visits here during the month."
CP: It sure is inconvenient. It's not as if you're here every other day shopping for other items throughout the store. Must just be the pharmacy where the stars don't align. I wish everything in my fridge and cabinets would run out at the same time too but, I digress. You were whining?
FUC: I take a whole bunch of medication and want to get them all in one trip.
CP: Got it. Well today is your lucky day, seƱor FUC. We happen to have this remarkable program that does the thinking for you. It takes all your prescriptions and sets them to fill on the same day each month. It will even adjust the fills for the next month so they will all be due together. It's truly amazing. It takes the thinking right out of it, something that seems right up your alley. "Should I go ahead and sign you up for this syncing program?"
FUC: "Nah. Not today. But thanks."
CP: Of course not. Well, I look forward to having this conversation again next week. Provided I'm still here. Since I now won't make my goal of enrollments.

(Yes, this was inspired by a true conversation.)

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