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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Ask the Question You Want Answered

My sixth grade teacher impressed upon me the correct way to ask a question. It was a habit of 12 year olds to ask "Can I go to the bathroom?" and he would properly respond with "I don't know. Can you?" We, of course, would reply "May we?" and he would say "I love French".

Anyway, it helped develop my way of looking at things and the importance of word choice. My other favourite question is: "Do you know what time it is?" The correct answer to this is either "yes" or "no". The person did not actually ask for the time.

This brings me to my favourite counseling question:

"Can I drink on this medication?"
Of course you can drink on it. You'd die in about 3 days without water. Don't be silly.

"Can I drink alcohol while taking this medication?"
Better, but not perfect. Certainly you CAN drink alcohol while taking this. I'm assuming you're able to drink water and other beverages so alcohol, in its fluidity, should easily be drinkable for you.

"Should I drink while taking this medication?"
Yes. This can dehydrate you so it is important to replenish your fluids.

Ugh! "Might it be permissible to imbibe while taking this medication?"
Hell no! What are you, crazy?

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