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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Overstepping Their Bounds

I know how to do my job.
You know how to do your job.
I won't tell you how to do yours if you won't tell me how to do mine.
Better yet, I won't tell other people what your job is if you won't tell other people what my job is.

Same Shit Every Weekend: I am out of my medication and I really need it.
CP: Ok.
SSEW: What should I do?
CP: Call the office.
SSDW: I did.
CP: Good job. What happened?
SSDW: The answering service said you'd give me 2 or 3 to get me through the weekend.
CP: Really? She said that huh? Okay. Call her back and tell her she will page the prescriber. Tell her it's okay, the pharmacist told you she would do it for you. It doesn't matter that this office has a "no refills, never page the prescriber" policy on weekends.
SSDW: Okay.
CP: In the meantime, I'll fax him for you. For some reason, it seems the prescribers at this office like to sit around and watch football and send e-scripts. You'd be surprised how many we receive on weekends.

<20 minutes later>
CP: I got your prescription.
SSDW: I know. I got another person at the answering service and she put me through.
CP: I just love problems that resolve themselves.

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