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Monday, September 14, 2015


Arguments to not get a flu shot (or any vaccine).
1. I've never had a flu shot and I've never gotten the flu so I'm not going to start now.
(Have you ever been in a car accident? No? Better cancel your car insurance. What a waste of money.  Ever had a homeowner's claim? No? Cancel that policy as well.)

2. The flu shot gives me the flu.
NOPE. You may have experienced flu-like symptoms, but you certainly did not suffer from the flu. You'd know it if you did. Let's put this in perspective. Riding your bicycle into the back of your own parked vehicle, in your own garage is not a car accident any more than 24 hours of runny nose, diarrhea, or headache is "THE FLU". Getting hit by a semi while riding your bicycle down the middle of the street? Now that's the flu. It will take you weeks to recover or, if you're really old or very young, there's a good chance you're dead.

3. Big Pharma!
What? That's it? Then I shall make sure to not fill your Prozac and Antibiotics and Synthroid anymore. I never knew you felt so strongly about prescription medications.

4. It's not 100% effective. They're just guessing.
Yet you keep taking your paycheck and dumping it in the Instant Lotto machine at the front of my store every week.

5. It's government population control!
Agreed. The more people rail against vaccines, the less people will get them. The fewer people that get them, the more people will die from vaccine-preventable illnesses. It's just a really, really long-term plan.


  1. If you feel like flu, you need to consult with your doctor first and take better treatment!!!

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  2. No I don't think I will get it right now, maybe later. Or I've gotten ones where they say they've taken the flu shots either at the doctors or at their work