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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

English is Funny

We Americans have a way with words. We can take anything another country or another part of our country has and twist it, chew it up, and spit it into a new, bastardized creation. It's our specialty.

From the South to New England, from the inner city to open country, it can be difficult to understand other fellow Americans. 

Birth Control Language Barrier: 
BeYaz or Not Be Yaz, that is the question...

Female That Wants Birth Control: I need my pills refilled. 
CP: Okay. Which ones? 
FTWBC: The birth control. 
CP: Do you know the name? 
CP: Okay. Um. Is it YAZ? or is it BEyaz? 
FTWBC: I said it Be Yaz
CP: Okay. Let's try it this way. Be it Yaz or Be it Beyaz? 
FTWBC: Right. 
CP: What's right? 
FTWBC: Be Yaz. 
CP: It is for BEYaz? 
FTWBC: That's what I said. 
CP: <looks in computer. it's Yaz.> 

Now just imagine this not as a patient calling in for a refill but as a representative of the prescriber's office calling in a new prescription.  

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