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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Disney's 3:00 Parade Question

Little Old Lady: My doctor gave me these patches. Which side do I use?
CP: The sticky one.

Every business should work to discover what their "What time is the 3:00 Parade?" question is. From this, they should teach their employees to learn what the inquirer meant to ask instead of giving them the straightforward, "you're an idiot" answer. For the Disney example, the takeaway is that people are actually asking "What time will the parade pass by here?" or "When will it enter Frontierland?" since that is where they are heading next.

I thought of this as my intern dutifully told me about LOL's question and I was about to answer her call.
What was she trying to ask?
She obviously had never used transdermal patches before.
What did the patches look like?
Was she going to ask where to put them?
Was she concerned about side effects?
Did she read the package insert?
Why, when she was at the counter and offered counseling, did she not ask then and there so I could open the box and show her?
How do I answer this over the phone?

LOL: Which side do I use?
CP: Which side is sticky?
LOL: There isn't one. There is a silver side and a clear plastic side. There's also this tape cover thingy in case I think it won't stick. Do I tape it on with that?
CP: No. Since I can't look at one right now, let me ask you: Does the clear side look as if it peels off?
LOL: It does.
CP: Good. Lay the patch flat on the counter, slowly peel the backing from one corner to keep it from curling, then once it's removed, place it in the desired location on your body. Press the patch into place starting in the center then working out to the edges to make sure it is completely stuck in place. If you're worried about showers or swimming with the patch in place, you may use the cover. Always remember to remove the old patch before placing another patch anywhere on your body.
LOL: That makes more sense now. I read all the directions but they didn't say which side to use.
CP: That's why we are here. To help. Remember, there are no stupid questions, only stupid directions.

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