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Monday, September 14, 2015


After spending some quality time this past weekend at my local Apple store, I realized what an amazing concept they have for their retail outlets. I think I want to work with them on designing a pharmacy.
A technician will greet you as you enter the store. She will ask the reason for your visit today then direct you to the appropriate person/area of the store while entering your personal and insurance information on an iDevice and alerting that person to your needs.

Second person will instantly know why you are here-to pick up a prescription, to drop off a prescription, to have us check your insurance, to get a flu shot, for counseling, etc. She will guide you to the appropriate table/counter/area where a technician will answer all your questions and assist you with your needs that day. The pharmacists will be behind a counter/wall checking your prescriptions as the orders appear but will walk them out and review them with you. A technician/cashier with another iDevice will scan your credit card for payment and have you sign, with your finger, right on this device and your transaction will be complete.


  1. I've said we should be doing something like this for awhile. Especially when the line is long enough to not see the end. People get upset when they wait that long and either their rx isn't ready or they were in the wrong line. We could head off alot of issues if we had someone walking the line.