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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Struggle is Real

These conversations must happen everywhere. They just must. Otherwise, crying and drinking and rocking myself to sleep is not consolation enough...

CP: How may I help you?
Thorn In My Side: I am calling to check on my profile.
CP: Ok. What, may I ask, is your specific inquiry?
TIMS: There was this TV show on the other night and I want to know what it was.
CP: Did you watch it?
TIMS: Yes.
CP: What was it?
TIMS: I don't know.
CP: Was it last night?
TIMS: No. It was a few weeks ago.
CP: Ok. What channel?
TIMS: Not sure.
CP: So you want me to tell you what show you watched and you can't remember anything about it?
TIMS: Yes. I need to continue the series since my friend said I need to keep watching it and you need to tell me what it was and how I can find it.
CP: Can't you call your friend?
TIMS: No! You're the cable company. That's your job!


  1. But if you don't tell her, she calls the cops next. Thanks.

  2. I guess the real question here is how this person has managed to obtain a friend.

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