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Friday, July 24, 2015

Just Put It In Your Mouth

When people tell me they don't know what medications they take or why they take them, I imagine the following scenario. It has to be true. I can think of no other logical answer...

CP: Here. Drink this. 
Random Obedient One From Earth: What is it?
CP: Some cocktail I just made for you. 
ROOF-E: Ok. 
CP: Now, eat this. 
ROOF-E: What's in it? 
CP: Does it matter? 
ROOF-E: Not really. Thanks. 
CP: Okay. Take these. 
ROOF-E: What are they? 
CP: Prescription medications. 
ROOF-E: Do I need them? 
CP: Trust me. I'm your doctor. 
ROOF-E: Okay. Sounds legit. 

1 comment:

  1. So long as the sheeple have their (insert alcoholic beverage of choice here), Hot Pockets, and Reality TV, they don't concern themselves with such things. Someone in authority tell them to do this, ingest that and they're happy as clams so long as no one interferes with their creature comforts. That includes contentment with letting someone else doing the thinking for them. We are so screwed.