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Monday, July 13, 2015

It's Your Phault

Did you ever notice that people are only compliant the day after they run out of medication?
Did you ever notice that their sudden perfection, this angelic quality, is destined to be destroyed by you, the big Devil?

Let's take a look at a recent example.
First, some quick math.
Patient takes 2 tablets every day (according to the directions).
Prescription filled on 4/7 for 60 tablets for 30 days.
Prescription REfilled on 5/22 for 60 tablets for 30 days.
Today is 7/8 and the patient is...obviously out of medication.

The conversation:
Snow White: I need my medication today.
CP: Okay. It appears to have expired and there are no more refills.
SW: You were out of stock. You were supposed to order it.
CP: We did. It did not arrive today. Manufacturer supply issue. I found another manufacturer so we reordered it for tomorrow.
SW: I'm going to go into AFib over this. I have to have it!
CP: Okay. We will have it tomorrow. You still need a new prescription.
SW: I'll miss tonight and now tomorrow morning. You're putting me at risk!
CP: Are you still taking one tablet two times a day?
SW: Of course!
CP: Are you Jesus?
SW: Excuse me?
CP: Is your name Anne Sullivan?
SW: NO! What is your problem?
CP: Just curious as to which Miracle Worker is remonstrating with me today.
SW: What?
CP: Well, Jesus turned water into wine and Anne...
SW: I just need my medication today!
CP: Then call your doctor and get a new prescription. I shall have the tablets tomorrow morning. You received a total of 60 days of medication from 4/7. Somehow, assuming you took your first doses on that day, you made 60 days' worth of medication last you 93 days, yet you complain to me that you will only miss tonight's dose and that will throw you into AFib.

Maybe it has something to do with Netflix and binge watching TV series. You start GOT or TWD and complete them in a few days or weeks and suddenly you can proclaim yourself a series-long phan and expert.

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