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Thursday, July 23, 2015

More Pizza Analogies

This has to happen. It's the only thing that allows the sleep to come and the nightmares to dissolve...

Pie Guy: Welcome to Wicked Slice. Are you picking up or placing an order?
CP: I am picking up.
PG: The name under which your pie may be found?
PG: I am sorry but I see no order under that name.
CP: I didn't order it yet. It's not delivery. I am picking it up once it's ready.

For those times when you just can't convince patients that their prescription is so expensive, cutting down the quantity does not change their minimum copay at all. (This is, of course, talking only about a set copay for a 1-month supply. It is obviously less to go from 90 days down to 30 days. For this example, let us assume for 10 tabs of Crestor, it will still cost the same as 30 tabs. Capiche?)

PG: How many slices would you like today?
CP: I got a medium, right?
PG: Yep. I can cut it into 6 or 8 for you.
CP: I don't think I can eat 8 and I don't want to pay extra, so just make it 6 slices.
PG: It's still the same price for a medium, regardless of the number of slices.
CP: That's okay. I'm not that hungry and my family may change their minds when I bring it home. Can I bring back the rest if you cut it into 8?
PG: No. No you may not.

Just fill everything...

PG: How may I help you?
CP: I'd like one pizza with everything on it.
PG: Everything?
CP: Yes, everything! What are you deaf?

Option #1:
CP: WTF is this? I didn't want anchovies or black olives!
PG: But you said "everything".
CP: You should know I'm allergic to mushrooms. It's on your file.

Option #2:
CP: WTF is this?
PG: You said everything.
CP: Can you take the bacon off? And the green peppers?
PG: No. You said everything. You can take them off when you get home.

Option #3:
PG: Which items do you want?
CP: All of them!
PG: I am sorry, but we do not put "all of them" on unless we go through them each individually.
CP: What?! I've been buying pie from you since before you opened! Just fill everything.
PG: That's not how we do it here. Do you want Ham?
CP: Yes.
PG: Banana Peppers?
CP: Hell no! That's too hot for me.
PG: Okay. Pineapple?
CP: What? I don't want no damn fruit on my pizza.
PG: Mushrooms? Sausage?...

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  1. Amazing analogy, Now if you can find one to explain "didn't you see I needed it prepared" whilst they're 20 days later on other rx's...