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Monday, October 27, 2014

It was the Fever

Some excuses are not acceptable for certain situations.

I took a voicemail for Bentyl 10mg capsules. Listened to it twice, as always. Definitely Bentyl.

Next day, as I am talking to my partner, I am informed that the patient complained he received the wrong medication. Here is how my partner explained it to me:

CP's Partner: Make sure you write this down for your little page.
CP: Curiosity is piqued. Do tell.
CPP: Had this conversation with a nurse this morning after the patient called to inquire as to why his medication looked really really different.
CP: Okay.
CPP: I talked with him then called the office. Turns out I was able to get transferred to the actual Voicemail Nurse who phoned in the actual prescription!
CP: No way!
CPP: Way! I asked her if she remembered calling in the prescription.

CPP: Do you remember calling in the prescription?
VN: Yeah. That was me.
CPP: The patient said it was supposed to be for Reglan 10mg tablets.
VN: "Yeah. I had a fever that day so I'm not really sure what I said." (actual quote)

CP: She actually said that?
CPP: Yep.
CP: As if that's in any way an acceptable excuse?
CPP: Yep.
CP: I think the only time "I have a fever" is acceptable is when it comes from Christopher Walken and he wants more cowbell.
CPP: Maybe we can use that from now on in our pharmacy.
CP: Why is the wait 15 minutes?
CPP: I have a fever.
CP: Why did you miss your sales and script count goals?
CPP: Fevers.
CP: Tech Budget?
CPP: Fever.
CP: Why did you short me 27 Oxycodone?
CPP: We didn't. We count by fives. We never miss by an odd number. Are you febrile?

CP: So basically she blamed a fever for her error? An error which could have, though not likely in this case, been detrimental to a patient's health had he not been so vigilant?
CPP: Correct.
CP: I don't suppose they are one of our frequent e-script offenders too?
CPP: It wouldn't surprise me.
CP: Did you document her words?
CPP: Verbatim.
CP: This whole thing gave me a fever. Make sure we add that office to our "do-not-ever-let-this-doctor-take-care-of-me-or-my-family" list.
CPP: Definitely...once my fever goes away.

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  1. Scary! I remember one of my nurse colleagues saying that she called a doctor late at night to get an order on a patient and he told her to hang a bag of pretzels. Never did hear what his excuse for that one was.