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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Do You Wanna Get a Flu Shot?

Why do people still schedule appointments with their prescriber's office for flu shots?
(Unless your insurance mandates this, which few do anymore, this is a good question.)

Funny observation from my recent office visit:
The guy in front of me arrived at 1:02 for a scheduled 1:15 flu shot. He brought his 18yo daughter for her shot appointment at 1:25.
The guy behind me arrived at 1:03 for a 1:15 flu shot as well.
They checked in and were give a clipboard with the routine questionnaire attached for them to complete while they waited.

The process looked a little surreal to me.
Here, in a prescriber's office, people walked up to a counter and quietly, patiently waited in line to check in. They quietly and patiently sat while completing their paperwork. They waited quietly until they were beckoned to the back by Lady Stabber. They proceeded to checkout and quietly paid their copay. They left without making a sound, a fuss, a commotion. They did not cause a ruckus, create a scene, remonstrate with the staff, or exhibit any of the character traits associated with the Pharmacy Phlu Shot encounter.

Father and daughter were there over half an hour.
I would have processed, billed, administered, and checked out both of them on any day in 20 minutes. They could have come before work, after work, at lunch, on the weekend, and the result would have been the same. Why do people continue to make appointments at their offices solely for a flu shot? To me, that is not convenient. One of my patients, when I asked her about getting her flu shot, told me she didn't know we gave them (see marketing people! you are failing here) and instead went to a competitor she happened to be driving by simply because they had a sign out front.

Note: You can call ahead and let us process your prescription on your insurance before you arrive. This way, as with the office above, all that is now required of you is to complete the paperwork.

My two questions I will leave you with today:
1. Why do people continue to make flu shot appointments with their prescribers (solely for that purpose)?
2. Why do people act so much differently in these offices when their wait is longer?
3. (Bonus Question) Why are they so HAPPY to wait longer in the office for a flu shot?

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