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Friday, October 24, 2014

Find the Error

Okay, class. Pay attention. Welcome to the first day of school. My name is CP and I will be your instructor through these lessons. We are gathered here today to learn about this thing called Electronic Prescribing.
(oohs and ahhs from the crowd.)

When I was in school, our prophessors would show us examples of error-filled prescriptions. We had to identify what was missing, added, incorrect, or illegal and correct it. Here is my plan going forward. 

We are going to collect all of the error-filled prescriptions throughout the day. At the end of the day, we will remove all patient-identifying information from these prescriptions. We will then attach a fax cover sheet to each of these that reads: 

"Our Pharmacy received this error-plagued electronic prescription from you or one of your colleagues today. Please take the time to examine the mistakes that were made. We circled the number of errors so you would know how many to find. Bonus points if you can find all of them. In order for us to not send your error-filled prescriptions to the State Boards, please correctly remedy your colleagues' prescriptions. For every one that you fix correctly, we will remove one of yours from the Boards' pile.  Also, please feel free to contact your colleague and make phun of him or her for their gross ineptitude. 

We will then fax this, along with the prescriptions to all the local prescriber offices. The prescribers who send back the fewest corrected prescriptions each month will be placed onto the naughty list along with the prescribers who made the most errors during the month. It will be quite interesting to see how many corrected ones we get back. At the end of each month, we will forward both of these lists to the State Medical and Pharmacy Boards.  

After a while, you will learn you do NOT want to be on our list. 
Perhaps we could give kudos to those offices that mend their ways. We could ask them to post one of those "XX Days without being made fun of by CP" boards in their offices. 

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