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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hercules! Hercules!

I had a new experience yesterday while administering flu shots. They say expect the unexpected. I saw a fine couple in their early sixties at the counter paying for their shots. I overheard someone mention "we have a cryer over here". I saw the gentleman in the T-Shirt pictured and figured it couldn't be him.

As I enter the room, Mr. Big Guns was slunk down in his chair, hand over his eyes. After finishing his wife's shot, I moved in for the kill shot. One thing I have practiced with my technique is to talk while I approach with my needle. The second thing I have developed is the "pump fake". This really came in handy as he flinched so much I thought he might have turned to stone. Once he thought it was over and relaxed, I went in for the kill. The entire time he spent blubbering and sniveling.

Phew, flu shot over...
...aaaaand he's getting Pneumovax too. Here we go again...

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