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Sunday, August 6, 2023


CP: How often do you wonder is people's' elevators go all the way up?
CPP: With every human interaction. 
CP: OMG! Samesies. 
CPP: Don't do that. Why do you inquire?
CP: One of our irregulars over the weekend. 
CPP: Do tell. 

CP: Are you dropping off? <they intone>
Compliance Usually Not This Hard: <standing under drop off sign> I think so. I just need a refill on something. 
CP: <cringes> I see your refill expired 2 days ago.
CUNTH: "I can't go without it!" <she ejaculated> "I NEED it."
CP: The evidence says otherwise. We last filled this for a 30 days supply on 5/19. I challenge that you CAN live without it.
CUNTH: It should have 6 or 7 refills left. <she exasperated> 
CP: It did. They expired. Two days ago. You filled this a total of 5 times. For 5 months. Out of the last 12 months you've had this prescription. Apparently you can and have done without it. 
CUNTH: "I'll have to have a talk with her at my appointment Friday!"<she exhorted sternly>
CP: Why? <they asked inquisitively>  She's not the one you need to talk to about this. 

CPP: Oh that's rich. 
CP: At least she didn't say "but I'll DIE"!
CPP: True. That's melodramatic in its triteness. 
CP: She really acted all stern and matronly when she said she was going to have to have a talk with her provider. It sounded like a mother saying "just wait till your father gets home". 
CPP: Not sure how she thinks that's going to go. 
CP: It's like the ending of "A Few Good Men" where Downey says "what did we do wrong? we did nothing wrong". 
CPP: In that 5 months of compliance is better than none? 
CP: <shrugs> 


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