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Wednesday, June 7, 2023


CP: It's that time of year again. 
UT: Pharmacy Winter is officially over!
New Intern: What is Pharmacy Winter?
CP: The dark period of time from Labor Day thru Easter, followed by a fluctuating period that tapers off until Memorial Day. It is when the pharmacy profession is most challenging: Lice outbreaks, flu shots, cough and cold season, holidays, flu season, spring awakening aka allergy season. 
UT: I loved Spring Awakening. 
NI: Never heard of it. 
UT: Now we enter the slow season. 
CP: However, now things are moist-challenging. 
NI: How so?
UT: Sweaty time. 
CP: Time to post our sign about how, if paying with cash, it cannot be pulled from any region of bodily dew. 
NI: People don't really do that, do they?
UT: NI! I mean, nay nay. Tut tut!
CP: I had a person reach into her prodigious pectoral packaging and pull out and proffer Titty Twenties. 
She then replaced them and said "oh that's the large bill side", whereby she reached into the Left side to lay out some Lactated Lincolns. 
NI: Ew. 
UT: Our annual note phor this season is "We will not accept the following:"
Booby Benjamins 
C-Cup C-Notes 
Cleft Krona 
Double-D Dollars or Dinar
Funbag Franklins
Hooter Hryvnia or Hamiltons 
Jockstrap Jacksons (or Jeffersons)
Lady Lump Leu
Mammary Money
Milkshake Moolah 
Naughty Zloty  
Rack Rubles
NI: You've spent a lot of time on this. 
UT: You're new here. CP has been doing this longer than you've been alive. We know some stuff because we've seen some stuff. 
CP: And also adore acronyms and alliteration. 
NI: I think I'm going to like it here. 
UT: You will definitely learn some things. 

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