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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

I Always Wondered. . .

CPP: Uh-oh. You have that look on your phace. Penny phor your thoughts.
CP: I always wondered which group of people were the intended recipients of certain messages on phone prompts. 
CPP: Such as?
CP: ". . . if you require nothing else, you may simply hang up". Like, who doesn't know they can end a phone call by simply hanging up? 
CPP: Something tells me you found this someone? 
CP: I did. 

CP: CP's Draughts and Drachms. How may I help you?
This Woman Actually Thinks We Are Fully Focused on Lame Excuses: I called in for a refill and it suggested another one for me. 
CP: Okay. 
TWATWAFFLE: I don't want anything else. 
CP: Okay. It was as. . . 
TWATWAFFLE: I only needed that refill. It's not your job to make me fill anything else. 
CP: The computer wasn't forcing you to do anything; it was allowing you the opportunity to. . .
TWATWAFFLE: I don't need anything else and I don't like it. 
CP: It's phor people who have multiple refills. You enter one and the computer asks if you have another refill to enter. If not, hang up. 
TWATWAFFLE: It shouldn't suggest anything. 
CP: Ma'am. It's not suggesting anything. Hang up. 
TWATWAFFLE: I only need that one refill.
CP: Enter your refill. Hang up. Period. Like the way I'm going to end this call. Good day. <click>
CPP: Can't say I've ever had anyone get offended by the automated computer allowing me the convenience of entering my refills in an organised, streamlined manner. 
CP: Your convenience is someone else's Everest. 
CPP: But to call and complain about something as trivial as an automated system is beyond comprehension. 
CP: To normal people it is; to those of us in the retail world, this is par for the course. If I perceive something to be offensive, then I am offended and I will complain. 


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