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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Don't Count On It

CP: Are you picking up today?
I Can't Count Yet: Yes. I have 3 prescriptions. 
CP: Delightful. I show 3 as well. 
ICCY: Can I ring out my groceries here as well?
CP: I can do up to 6 items. That's 6 items or fewer. 
ICCY: Good. I have only five. Plus the three 12-packs of Dr. Pepper. 
CP: Last I checked 5+3=8, not 6. 
ICCY: Well Dr. Pepper is 3 for $10 so it only counts as one item. 
CP: No it doesn't. Doctors suck at math and even this Dr. Pepper would tell you 3 items for $10 still counts as 3 items. You're picking up 3 prescriptions. What if I only gave you one? You'd tell me I forgot two. 
ICCY: But it's 3 for $10; that's the deal. 
CP: The implied word you are omitting here is "items"; 3 ITEMS for $10. If the deal were 10 bottles of Iced Tea for $10, you'd be giving me 10 bottles, which, let's face it, is still much more than 6. You can't pick 6 sale deals and count that as one item each. You don't get to count certain items. 
ICCY: So I have to take them up front?
CP: Your math skills suck, but your listening comprehension works just phine.  


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